You know that I am all about goal setting, and more importantly, goal getting. But – ever had that sinking feeling half way through the process that you are chasing the wrong goal?

This has happened to me a couple of times, and the best thing to do at this point is to stop, go back to your original values, and see if the goal is aligned with your values. If not, that is probably the source of your unease. Or it may be the wrong goal for you, you just cannot figure out why. And that’s ok too.

If it is the wrong thing to do, stop and change course. Establish a new goal or a new direction, and start. Pursuing a wrong goal is like pursuing the wrong person to be your business partner or spouse. You may get the person you are pursuing, but the result will be an absolute disaster!

While you are going for your goals, check often with yourself that it feels ok, and the goal is the right one to go for. But don’t use this as an excuse if the going gets tough!