Hard work is like reading poetry, or ashtanga yoga – because it’s hard and most people don’t understand it.

I hear this all the time about hard work. I hear it from the people I mentor, or those at the gym, or those stuck in low/mid-level corporate world. I hear it from friends. So I have a ready response: “If you spend your life avoiding things that are hard and you don’t understand, you’ll never learn anything beyond the obvious.”

Those of us who have done it, know how hard it is, but also know how valuable it is to assist others. I mentor at a couple of local incubators, and I have found that the most valuable lessons for others are the ones where I have made the same mistakes myself, and I keep myself on my toes by mentoring and teaching.

Entrepreneurship and business are hard work. I love a great quote from artist and painter Chuck Close “Inspiration is for amateurs, the rest of us just show up and get to work”.

Keep pushing, keep working hard – there is no easy way. And keep asking for assistance – your mentors and teachers will tun up to assist you!