Have you ever heard the phrase “I hope” when people are talking about the future? Many people are addicted to hope, and use hope instead of planning. My favorite business book is called “Hope is Not a Strategy” – the title sums up the way people should (but don’t) manage their career, finances, relationship and their lives.

I often hear people use the word hope scattered through their discussion, particularly if it is in the context of planning a career, life, vacation etc. “I hope I get a raise soon”, or “I hope I get that business deal” or “I hope to travel overseas one day” can be really common phrases.

If you hear the word hope being used in a serious discussion, you know that the other person is not being serious! If you want something to happen, don’t “hope” it will happen, but plan for it to happen. Be clear about what you want, write it down, and build a plan to make it happen. Anything else is just empty words, empty conversation, with no intent to make things happen.

Most people will hope rather than plan, and get upset when things don’t turn out the way they want! Then they hope again for something different, and get the same result – nothing. Hope is a very powerful drug, but it is just the same as a daydream, and just as addictive. If you want to be successful and a high achiever, don’t hope or wish for anything. Make a plan and make it happen.

What do you hope for? Or what do you plan for?