Some video testimonials from people I have mentored in the past…..

I work with 2 types of business people – entrepreneurs and executives in a mentoring and coaching relationship to assist them to Clarify direction, Develop their path forward and Deliver exceptional results in their business and their life. From my years of working with many people in both large and small organisations, I have built a process and structure that is simple, focused, and gets results.

Different people have different needs from mentoring and coaching, and so my approach is flexible and open. It allows us to work together on what you really want to achieve, and address the biggest issues facing you from achieving it.

I am not a “life coach”, not your therapist, and definitely not a guru! I just use my experience and knowledge, work hard and smart with you, and results happen.

The process I follow is simple: gain an understanding of where you are in business and life, clarify what you want to achieve, we develop a plan to get you there, and I work with you to hold you accountable to the plan.

These are your sessions and your outcomes – my role as mentor is to listen deeply, understand the issues, give non-judgmental feedback and guide you along the way, and hold you accountable to the process. The end result is that you’ll get great clarity about what it is you are trying to achieve, and get you on the path to success.

Contact me today, and let’s talk through how we can work together. Email me at or call me at 480-283-7367.




Julia Garcia, Founder of Kya, talks about mentoring with Michael and the results she achieved

Danna Evans, CEO of AVA School Solutions

Amy Armstrong, Founder and CEO of Support My Club, a 501c3, talks about a planning session turned into a powerful branding session!

Mallory Dyer, CEO of Graphlock, and her results from mentoring.

Drs Rebecca and Forrest talk about results from the mentoring process, and what surprised them

Fulbright student and ASU student Amine at ASU talks about his experience