I worked with many sales people, business managers, corporate executives, venture capitalists, from all around the world and from a huge variety of backgrounds.

It is clear that a person’s drive, determination, perserverance and enthusiasm – not talent or where they come from – is what leads to success. Reading business books, you can name several business people who became successful simply because they maintained their enthusiasm after experiencing failure but still continued towards their dreams.

The main criteria for success are big dreams, sound planning, hard work, life-long education, have a great attitude, build a great team, develop a strong organization, get a mentor, and sell, sell, sell. Oh, and have some talent at whatever you are doing. Talent is important but it is just one factor in the top 10 that leads to success. While it is a key element, it is more important than any other. While many people look for talent in their team, the real winners look for attitude. Attitude plus hard work will beat talent on it’s own any day!