This past weekend I was mentoring at a camp run by ASU College of Technology and Innovation with 30 high school students, focusing on the process to developing ideas into businesses. These kids came from all over the state, and we followed a process of ideation, development, basic business issues, team building right through to the 3 minute pitch at the end, judged by a panel of mentors.

One of my favorite sayings “the best way to learn is to teach” and through the mentoring process, I remembered a huge number of lessons that I have learned over the years.

A couple of themes kept coming up from all 5 mentors, namely: build a business that you are passionate about, not just something that seems like a good idea; you need to build a great  team to succeed; and don’t be scared of failure because you will fail at many points along this journey.

These kids were awesome in the development of their ideas, and during their team presentations, their passion overcame any shyness they might have had. It was a great opportunity for the kids, and they took full advantage of it.

I am all about 3 things – build a great life, make a difference and do it today – and this weekend embraced all these areas for myself and the students. If you ever get the chance, mentoring is a great skill to develop and a great way to give back!! Loved it.