I mentor at a couple of technology places around the valley, as well as teaching team building and goal setting. Last week I had 2 interesting meetings.

First was with some 2 hard-core geeks who had a software product,and wanted advice how to market the software. They insisted that they wanted to do the marketing themselves, and couldn’t understand why it was such as issue. After all, they are smart, right? I finally made them understand by saying that them (tech geeks) marketing their product makes as much sense as me (marketing & sales geek) wanting to learn code and write a competing product. After all, I’m smart too! Can’t be that hard.

Second was a chance encounter on a beach in Mexico, talking to a local Arizona guy who enthused about a mobile software real estate app that he was developing with his buddy. It’s going to change the world! He was deeply experienced in real estate and seemed to know what he was talking about. After more discussion, he mentioned they had been developing the app for 7 years! We talked for a while longer, and it became clear that he was wedded to the app, was pursuing his own view perfection, and had not market tested the product with a MVP product set. He should have been out there in 6 months with a MVP set.

The conclusion? The young tech-geeks have a better chance of success, than the experienced guy, because they are getting the product out there, and quickly.

Just do it, and do it soon. But get some experienced help, as you cannot do it all yourself!