Recently a high school student I know said that the biggest lesson he had learnt in high school was to not worry about what people said or thought about him. He had learnt this lesson well.

This may sound strange to you at first, but it is true. I don’t care about my reputation, because I cannot control what people think of me. I also think that you shouldn’t care about your reputation either.
Now before you send the wolves out to get me, please read on and understand why I say this.
Looking at the dictionary, reputation is defined as “the estimation in which a person or thing is held, especially by the community or the public generally”. Basically, it means what people think of you. There are a couple of problems with this: firstly, it is an estimation, not a reality. Secondly, it is what the community or public think of you. And you cannot control what people think of you, or what they say about you!

I was at a Wayne Dyer seminar a while ago, and he doesn’t care what people think of him either – he has more important things to do than run after every person who has heard him speak and ask them what they think of him! Everybody has a different opinion, and that is just that – an opinion.

Your reputation has its roots in your values. Values drive your character, character drives your goals and behavior, and behavior drives reputation. You can control your values, your character and your behavior, but you cannot control what people think of you. In my presentations I always tell people to focus on their values and their goals. Everything else is follows on from there, and the reputation is purely the consequence of your values, character and behavior.

Do you worry about your reputation? Or do you focus on your values and character? Love to hear from you.