Many people and self-help “experts” have as dogma that you should “follow your passion, turn it into a business and the money will flow”. At the risk of killing the sacred cow, I totally disagree with this.

Over my career and travels, I have seen that the best way to grow as a person, develop your career and your skills and knowledge is to do the totally the opposite. Your work is going to take a large part of your life, and the only way to achieve a satisfying career and life is to love what you do, and choose to excel at it.

Whatever you choose to do in life, your primary purpose is to choose a series of goals that are meaningful for you, and work hard to achieve those goals. But don’t settle for just anything – find that career that lights a spark inside you, and go for it.

I’m not saying doing follow your dreams and your passion. I have seen many people achieve great things by following their passion.

I have some very successful friends in New Zealand who own a vineyard, and have built a great business growing grapes, making wine and travelling all over the world selling their wine. They are truly living their dream. The thing is they both had very successful careers first, which they both loved and excelled at, and their success allowed them the luxury of following their passion.

Love what you do, don’t compromise and don’t settle.