How do you achieve something? When you set an objective, how do you go about making it happen? Most importantly, how strong is your commitment to making it happen?

Many people want, wait and hope for things to happen. There is a great business book called “Hope is not a strategy”. While the title is self-explanatory, it shows that many people do exactly that – they hope for things to happen. They hope to win the lottery. They hope to find a perfect partner, great job, outstanding home and so on.

The news is that nothing happens through hoping. It is just a waste of time and breath. The next time you or someone around you uses the word “hope” regarding their goals, you know they are not serious about it. It is just conversation.

Achieving goals takes planning, concrete action, a feedback loop and an accountability mechanism. The feedback mechanism for those who hope is failure. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

A huge part of achieving is having an accountability mechanism. Who will hold you accountable to your commitment? A commitment is more than a goal, more than a promise – it is a statement that you WILL make this happen. When a true commitment is made, you are assured of success. In law, a commitment is legally enforceable. I would argue that for personal success, a commitment is enforced by yourself, by your values and by your character.

How are you on your commitments? Are they a goal that you sometimes achieve, sometimes miss? Or are your commitments absolute?