The interesting thing about life is that it is easy to change, but sometimes not simple. As the saying goes, “Change your thinking, change your life.” If you want to change an element of your life – career, health, money, relationships – the mechanics or the actual making the change are only about 20% of what needs to be done. The other 80% is to change your thinking.

I work out at a gym in a small class of 15 people, 3-4 times a week, with an amazing trainer called Mack Newton. His primary focus is attitude, and uses exercise to drive and strengthen your mental strength and commitment. Towards the end of our particularly tough class today, when we thought we couldn’t do any more, he yelled at us “We are done with working on your body, it can’t do anymore!! Now is the important part – we are working on your mind!! This is all a mind game from now on!!”. Amazingly enough, everybody’s performance picked up at that point, even though we thought we could not do anymore.

The point is that your thinking controls your world. If you think you can’t do any more, then you will not be able to. But if you somehow change your thinking and find the commitment to continue – whatever it is – you will be suddenly find the strength to continue and succeed.

It’s all in your thinking – change your thinking, change your life.