I have the great privilege to work out with an extraordinary trainer – Mack Newton. He is an 8th Dan Black Belt in TaeKwon Do, former world champion, and a list of accomplishments that boggles the mind. He is also one of the most humble and generous people I have ever met.

In his gym, in huge painted letters, he has the phrase “attitude is everything”, and he lives the credo. It doesn’t matter how much ability you have, or how much that ability is enhanced through training, without a great attitude, you are destined to failure. Training adds to your abilities, but a positive attitude amplifies your abilities.

Have you ever met someone who is always able to succeed at what they do, no matter what the situation? And have you met people who – despite being smarter than others around them – just never quite seem to be able to succeed? The difference is attitude. A great attitude and you can influence crowds, make the world a better place and succeed in whatever you do. With a negative attitude – no matter what your abilities are – you can damage relationships, lose business, and be unable to achieve the level of success that you are looking for.

The good news is that attitude is a choice. It is your choice to have a positive attitude. Having a positive attitude is the one single thing that can make enormous difference in your life and the lives of those around you. Ponder this – could Mother Theresa have done so much good with a negative attitude? Business leaders cannot be successful without a strong positive attitude – in fact they would not be business leaders without a positive attitude.

What’s your attitude? Do you carry a negative or positive attitude with you? Why?